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Frequently asked questions

No, the Audiobyte SuperHUB has built-in, high performance linear power supply. It is a completely stand-alone unit. Please note that we are shipping the units without power supply cables. Users are recommended to have a high quality C13 power cable.

The SuperHUB is compatible with any DAC that supports SPDIF coaxial or I2S Input. For I2S, the appropriate I2S standard should be selected in the unit settings. USB output will be available with a future firmware update.

Yes, the SuperHUB can be used as a Roon Bridge. We are currently in the process of certifying our devices with Roon Labs, so expect that we will be in the partners list soon.

Definitely! The initial release of the underlying software includes essential services that will cater for most audiophiles, but we are working on new features such as: Spotify Connect (Spotify is currently available through Airplay Service), Tidal Connect (Tidal is currently available through UPnP clients or via Roon), Internet radio and DSP Correction software.
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